Accounting & Reporting


Accounting & Reporting Services is a department reporting to the senior vice president for Administration & Finance.

We are a service organization. We provide accounting, reporting, and financial analysis and consulting services that are essential as the University of Northern Iowa pursues its mission of teaching, research and public service.

We ensure the accuracy and integrity of the university’s financial accounting and reporting systems; provide timely, comprehensive and accurate financial reports; and maintain a system of internal accounting controls to safeguard university assets.


As a service organization, we strive to:

  • provide timely and accurate accounting and basic financial reporting in a totally automated environment using integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software;
  • earn recognition as a leader in the preparation of university financial reports with the goal of receiving the Government Finance Officers Association of America’s Award of Excellence in Financial Reporting on an annual basis;
  • earn the respect of regulatory agencies by being competent, up-to-date, and cooperative;
  • earn the recognition of our university customers by being good teachers, and
  • strive for continuous process improvement.