Account Reconciliation Process

It is the responsibility of account holders to reconcile their accounts and abstain from deficit spending. All departments should review their accounts regularly to verify that transactions have been posted properly to their accounts.

Financial Reports (OBIEE)

  • Funds Available for Viewing
  • Orgs Available for Viewing
  • Accounts Available for Viewing
  • Statement of Account
  • Statement of Account Detail
  • Statement of Account Financial Summary Report
  • Transaction Detail Report

The following two reports are now located under the Dashboards dropdown under Budget Development:

  • Personnel Expenditures Report
  • Personnel Expenditures Detail Report


The Launch Page - OBIEE

‌Statement of Account


Image from OBIEE database

‌Instructions to Launch Report

Launch by Fund
Single Fund

1. Enter the same value in both fund segments
2. Do not change values in the other account segments
Multiple Funds
1. Enter the low and high values in the fund segments
2. Do not change values in the other account segments

Launch by Specific Account
1. Enter the same value in the low and high account segment
2. Example Fund 0222-0222, Org 00000-99999, Program 0000-9999, Function 00-99, Activity 0000-9999

Launch by Range - Multiple Accounts and Funds
1. To view all accounts and funds, enter 0000-9999 in the fund segment
2. To narrow the range, change the appropriate account segment(s)

Note: Enter fund range 0012-9999 to view all non-general fund accounts. The Org segment must be 00000-99999 for the report to calculate the fund balance.

This launch page was designed for maximum flexibility. Because all reports are restricted to include only that information for which users are authorized, very little information needs to be changed to run the report. For additional convenience quick tips on launching the report is included on most launch pages.

Users can run the report for any fund by entering just the fund code. To run the report for a specific account, change the fund, organization, program, function and activity codes. To run the report for all your accounts, just select the period.

To "jump" to another report, just simply select it from the drop down menu at the top of the page. The Transaction Detail Report has the ability to specify the range of object codes if desired.