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This policy covers the operation and rate setting of Recharge Centers, and provides information and guidance on the allowability of intradepartmental and interdepartmental charging for goods and services. Regulations issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21 establish cost accounting standards that must be followed for consistency in accounting and costing practices. As a recipient of federal research funding, UNI is required to follow the cost principles outlined in these regulations. The University may be audited by the cognizant federal agency for compliance with federal recharge center regulations. The University also has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that State appropriated funds are charged at break-even pricing based on allowable costs.

See entire policy 9.32 Recharge Centers

Recharge Center Rate Proposal and Questionnaire

Recharge Center Rate Proposal Pro Forma Income Statement

FY23 Approved Rates

The following recharge center rates have been approved by Financial Accounting & Reporting Services:

Campus Supply 6% markup
Custodial Services $41.40 hourly rate
CB Photocopy Services $0.02 per black and white page
$0.04 per color page
Data & Voice $40.00/FTE/month
$60.00/hour field technician
Data Protection $0.45 per Gigabyte - CommVault
Digital Signage $50.00 annually
Early Education Outreach

$2,520.00 Ramps and Pathways classroom kit
$2,450.00 Light and Shadow classroom kit
$2,300.00 WaterWorks classroom kit
$150.00 R&P Fulcrum kits
$160.00 R&P add-on track kits
$75.00 L&S small tabletop screens
$300.00 graduate credit course per individual
$740.74 per 3-hour workshop (24 attendee max)

GeoTREE Internal-Basic $20; Intermediate $30; Advanced $40
External-Basic $25; Intermediate $35; Advanced $50
Grounds Services $66.80 hourly rate
Mathematics Copier and Fax $0.02 per copy
Operation & Maintenance $61.20 hourly rate
PCI 0.80% rate on amount
Panther Products $50.00 hourly rate plus materials/shipping
Transportation Services $50.10 hourly rate
Vehicle Fuel cost of fuel plus $0.20 per gallon
Vehicle Pool See website for rates
Virtual Servers $35.00 vCPU/yr
$20.00 GB RAM/yr
$0.20 storage per GB
Student Srvcs Photocopy Ctr MOU outlines percentage allocation methodology